IRS Amnesty Programs For Expats

The United States government misses out on billions of dollars in tax revenue year due to avoidance of reporting foreign assets and income. The IRS amnesty programs are put in place to motivate taxpayers to be compliant with the rules when it comes to reporting foreign assets and income. The punishment of not reporting your … Read more

Keeping Your U.S. Home While Living Abroad

Choosing to live abroad for any U.S. citizen is a fun and exciting venture for anyone. The reasons can be endless, some choose to work abroad while others may be looking for a change in pace. In the midst of these lifestyle choices, a question that you should ask when living abroad is how you … Read more

Personal Income Tax Deadlines By Country

All US expats should know by now that they are still legally obligated to file US tax return every year. Every year the deadline for the United States is April 15. For expats living in another country, the country they call home could have a different deadlines.  To help you we have complied a list … Read more

Requesting Copies of Your Tax Return

Finding specific documents can be so daunting and tedious. Unless you have a very organized filing cabinet, it is very difficult to keep track of all of your important documents, especially those relating to your taxes. Misplacing things happens enough in the home, but when it comes to moving overseas, things can get chaotic and … Read more

Deductions When Working From Home For US Expats

Many Americans are starting to work from home. Between 2019 and 2021, the number of people primarily working fro tripled from 5.7% to 17.9%. Even abroad, Americans are exploring options of flexible work. Perhaps you are one of these Americans. Fortunately, if you are an expat that is self employed or not, there are certain … Read more

Working Abroad As a US Expat

Working Abroad

Moving overseas is an exciting time for just about anyone! Not everyone from America is moving to another country retired and they still need a job in order to cover their living expenses, as well as for all their new adventures in this new place they call home. Working abroad is option for many Americans … Read more