Requesting Copies of Your Tax Return

Finding specific documents can be so daunting and tedious. Unless you have a very organized filing cabinet, it is very difficult to keep track of all of your important documents, especially those relating to your taxes. Misplacing things happens enough in the home, but when it comes to moving overseas, things can get chaotic and you might not even think about certain documents that are lost until you are in need of them.

Make it a priority to keep copies of your tax returns from at least two years prior! This is very important for when you are living abroad. If you have no recollection on where you placed your physical documents of your tax returns, there is a solution! As a US expat, requesting copies from the IRS is simple and they will be able to provide the information and documentation that you need!

How Can the IRS Help?

The IRS makes it very simple to request copies of your tax returns. All that is needed from you is to contact the IRS and request Federal tax return transcripts. You can even specify which tax returns you are in need of, whether that is current or three years ago. The IRS will provide for you a copy of your requested tax return records as it was originally filed!

Perhaps changes were made to your past tax return records. For instance, your adjusted gross income could have changed, along with your taxable income, or even your marital status! You only need to request a tax account transcript which will include all adjustments that were made to your tax return, whether by you or the IRS.

To keep the good news going, you are not required to go into office in order to retrieve a tax account transcript. You can either order a tax account transcript by going to the IRS website or by phone call at 800-908-9946. There is an option to send a request via mail, however it will take some time longer and you should allow up to 30 days to receive your tax account transcript in the mail. If you are wanting a quicker response, it is recommended to go online or order by phone, resulting in a 5 to 10 day response once the IRS has received your request!

Keep In Mind When Requesting

When requesting copies of previous taxes, there will be a small fee that is charged. For each year’s worth of tax documentation that you are requesting for, it will cost $57. Depending on the area in which you are living, it could be considered a federal disaster by the president and would qualify for disaster relief. You can find more information about your specific living area by going to 

Regardless, receiving a copy of your previous tax returns is quite easy. Simply fill out Form 4506, request for a copy, and send it via mail to the nearest IRS office that is in the area! A wait time may reach 60 days until your copy is delivered to you! So, there is no need to panic if you do not hear back immediately.

Get Help Today!

Don’t keep scrambling for your tax returns when there is an easier solution. If you are overseas currently and have no memory as to where your important tax documentation is, we can help you! Perhaps you are wanting more information on what other documentation you will need in the future and how you can prepare now? Requesting copies can be easy! All of your questions can be answered and assisted if you contact us today! Here at America Tax Firm we are committed towards helping you in your tax situation. Seek help today from a licensed professional to guide you through US tax abroad!